domenica 27 febbraio 2011

ascent to wakefulness

You notice little things, slight details and you know you're awake, not asleep. All alerts you to reality, the palms, the little trees, the train's hissing doors, its trembling strength, and the harsh rolling of wheels upon the iron railway as it speeds out. Life outside takes shape in spite of itself, and perhaps, in spite of everything else. Green fields, hoses, concrete blocks and half-finished buildings, work sites and container units, rivers, small bridges - and the cemetery in rememberance of WWII soldiers dead in fight. Soon after, a long line of tomato and cauliflower plantations, all covered in plastic film to shield them from the sun. The platform's bench is solid and unmoving, the sole object of your vision, as you cast your weary eyes out. Your undreamt nightmares scare you throughout the day, and at night, the sleep you sleep is full of flowers, brides and rings. If living a meaningless life at times makes you cross, you still get a sense of purpose, waking up, catching the train, going to work and back. Once you're back your energies are drained and you are left, staring out, as electric lines which pigeon adopted as their modern nest pass you by. The broken line, two x-shaped wooden pieces, makes you wonder about older trains, and what went before. What sort of carriage was threading those solitary rails, where were they headed, whose mournful shapes they carried. The thought makes you shiver, and gives you the creeps. But you still wonder. The abandoned warehouses, an open-eyed spectacle of the post-modern era, all revealed and bare, like a faulty body just being inspected prior to surgery, are now encumbered by rampicants and grass makes its way through the creaks of solid clay and the icy cold steel chunks. The empty, leafless trees, thin and fragile, strive to touch the rare cloud. The sun shines, as always, on this old new world.  

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  1. appena visto 'Another Year', è un film interessante ma un pò lento. Il passo che vedete di sopra è una meditazione, forse per un romanzo, o un breve racconto, forse solo per questo blog, e per chi mi legge, chissà. E' anche una riflessione sulla scrittura, c'è senz'altro Beckett che spunta (specialmente alla fine, c'è proprio una citazione dell'incipit di Murphy, anche se è una variazione sul tema..) beh, spero gradiate. Alla prossima. Raffaella.